Conservation, Restoration and Socialization of Archaeological Monuments from the Ancient Colony of Deultum, Near Debelt, Burgas District

The Archaeological Reserve “Deultum-Debelt” is a monument of historical heritage with national importance for modern Bulgaria. That importance is due to the quantity, quality and variety of archaeological remains, providing evidence of habitation from the Bronze Age to the XIV c. A.D.

The specific goals of the project are:

* Conservation, restoration and preparation of metal findings  threatened with destruction based on the researches of the ancient Deultum.

* Socialization of the monuments from the Archaeological reserve.

* Promotion of the archaeological heritage of Deultum.

* Offering a new cultural product on the tourist market and attraction of the tourist flow from the West Black Sea coast.

During the research: the monuments shall be conserved and exposed; they shall be made accessible to citizens; wew economic initiatives from the fiels of tourism and services shall be developed; and new jobs shall be created.

Project proposal Pi: 
History Museum, Sredets, and National Archaeological Reserve, 'Deultum-Debelt'