Restoration and Presentation of the Urns and the Gifts from the Greatest Thracian Necropolis

The project envisages conservation and restoration of the artifacts (Burial Urns and Grave gifts) found during the rescue excavations of the necropolis dating back to the 1st millennium BC. The necropolis near the village of Delyan was accidentally discovered in 2011during rescue excavations. In 2012 the part that was going to be affected by the Struma highway was fully studied. With its area of 7 hectares this is the greatest Thracian Necropolis ever known. Of this area, three parallel rows of headstones – with total length of 400 m and an area of 6575 square meters – were explored. Under a defensive stone embankment one can see rectangular installations connected with chains, the longest being 80 m. All burials were cremations and were performed outside of the grave installation. During the course of the study 55 graves dating back to 11th-8th century BC, and almost the same number dating back to 6th - 4th century BC, were found. Gold, silver, glass and bronze ornaments, parts of reins and horse harnesses, armaments, as well as 178 ceramic vessels from a thus far unknown archaeological culture were discovered.

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Regional History Museum at Pernik