ARCS is pleased to announce the publication of volume 2 of the Papers of the American Research Center in Sofia (PARCS). Still hot off the press, the volume presents the proceedings of a conference organized by the American Research Center in Sofia, in collaboration with the National Institute of Archaeology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Museum of History in Petrich.The conference entitled, Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic polis to Roman civitas (4th c. BC-6th c. AD), which took place in the town of Petrich on September 19-21, 2013, brought together scholars from different fields to present their latest research and excavation results on the archaeology and history of Heraclea Sintica. The idea for the conference and its proceedings is a spin-off from the ARCS Heraclea Sintica Field School project which was set up and directed by Dr. Emil Nankov (ARCS), in collaboration with the team of Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Vagalinski (NIAM-BAS) and Sotir Ivanov (Museum of History-Petrich) during 2012-2014.

ARCS wishes to express gratitude to the publisher of PARCS series, Vagabond Media, as well as to the America for Bulgaria Foundation with whose financial support these projects were made possible.


To see the table of contents, please download the pdf attached below. If you wish to acquire a copy of the volume, please contact us at or order directly from or