The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel Acknowledges the General Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria, the American Research Center in Sofia and The Field Museum for their work with the Bulgarian Community in Chicago

The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel greeted the people from Rousse, Bulgaria about the Holiday of the town, May 6 and acknowledged the activities of the Bulgarian diaspora in Chicago. Among the most important deeds of the our community in the Chicago, the Mr. Emanuel recognized the celebration of the Bulgarian national holiday, March 3, 2014 in The Field Museum, organized by the Bulgarian Consulate General, The American Research Center in Sofia and the America for Bulgaria Archaeological Program of the museum. The mayor of the town of Rousse Mr. Plamen Stoilov received the greeting from Mayor Emanuel through Prof. Samuil Refetoff who lives and works in Chicago (at the University of Chicago) and was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize for medicine.


Information: Municipality Rousse Press Center and Arena Media.Net