ARCS Fellows welcome meeting

ARCS marked the beginning of the Spring semester with opening remarks from ARCS Academic Director Dr. Emil Nankov followed by short introductions from the incoming ARCS Fellows: Georgi Burnaski (Sofia University and ARCS SE European Fellow), Adriana Panaite (Institute of Archaeology, Bucharest and ARCS SE European Fellow), Moyses Marcos (University of California, Riverside and ARCS Pre-Doctoral Fellow) and Christopher Mielke (Central European University and ARCS Pre-Doctoral Fellow). The Fellows will devote the first week at ARCS to a study tour of Roman Serdica, including guided visits to archaeological and historical museums located in downtown Sofia.

Discussing the importance of scholarly publications as a tool for increasing the visibility of the Balkans in the West, ARCS Conference hall, February 1, 2016.


ARCS Fellows visiting the Underground Museum below the basilica "St Sofia", February 3, 2016.