ARCS Academic Program


Although most scholars specialize in one historical period, we believe that for students of Bulgarian and Balkan history it is very helpful to have a diachronic overview from local experts and to gain knowledge of a wide variety of research topics. During the academic year, ARCS organizes a series of lectures, seminars, and excursions designed to provide a broad temporal and thematic vision of Bulgarian and Balkan history and culture from antiquity through the modern day. The lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events held at the Center are open to the academic and professional communities – please refer to the schedule of events. Academic excursions are organized with ARCS 9-month and 3-month Fellows in mind; however, local and visiting scholars may inquire about participation.

ARCS offers 9-month and 3-month Fellowships each academic year to graduate students based at North American universities who are pursuing research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Fellows have the unique opportunity to conduct research in libraries and archives located in Bulgaria and neighboring countries and/or to engage in fieldwork. The Fellowships include a monthly stipend, accommodation, language instruction, and an academic program involving lectures, seminars, and field trips. Thanks to our academic program, Fellows are exposed to archaeology, preservation of historical buildings and materials, social, economic, and religious history, the arts and traditional customs of the Balkans, the national development of Bulgaria and neighboring countries in the 19th and early 20th century, as well as, Communist and post-Communist realities.