Preservation and Enhancement of the Antiquity Collection of the Museum of History Iskra, Kazanlak

The Antiquity Department of the Museum of History Iskra houses one of the richest collections of ancient artifacts in Bulgaria. Its permanent exhibition and the seven exposed monumental Thracian tombs represent attractive destinations for tourists from all over the world. On a local level, the Museum is the major cultural institution in the town, and an intellectual resource for the entire community. While some of the most spectacular archaeological finds are shown to the public in the permanent exhibition of the museum, the rest of the artifacts are stored in inappropriate conditions. The lack of investment in the storage facilities of the Museum for the last 27 years has created an environment that endangers artifacts, impedes new acquisitions, and hinders the work of museum officers and scholars.

The present project aims to:

* Ensure the basic conditions for a long-term preservation of the collection; creation of a safe environment in the storage unit by reducing the main threats: humidity and the risk of physical damage.
* Recover space for future acquisitions of artifacts.
* Preserve endangered artifacts with high scientific and exhibit value.
* Enhance the work of museum officers and scholars wishing to study artifacts.
* Draw public attention to the need for constant care for the collection.

The achievement of these goals passes through the following stages:

* Regeneration of the storeroom and the storage facilities.
* Restoration and conservation of the most endangered artifacts.
* Organization of a new exhibition with the restored objects

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Museum of History Iskra