A vital component of the mission of the American Research Center in Sofia is to make scholarship regarding Bulgaria and the Balkans more widely known throughout western Europe and North America. ARCS publishes two lines of volumes, American Research Center in Sofia Monograph Series and Papers of the American Research Center in Sofia. The Center will also contribute toward the publication of books whose author/editor chooses an independent publisher.

1) The ARCS Monograph Series is intended as a venue for the publication of original research by single authors or editors of collective volumes who have a relationship with ARCS. The subject matter must fall within the mission of the Center. Authors/editors will entrust their manuscripts with ARCS and the Center will publish the work in a standardized format for the Series. Three volumes have been published to date: Communism versus Democracy, Bulgaria 1944-1997 (2010) and State and Church: Studies in Medieval Bulgaria and Byzantium (2012); Elena Kostova's Medieval Melnik from the late Twelfth to the late Fourteenth Centuries: Historical Vicissitudes of a Small Balkan Town was published in October 2013. A companion volume to State and Church is slated for 2015, a Corpus of Jewish Inscriptions from Bulgaria, Part I, by Dr. Zvi Keren was published in 2014, a collection of Lives of new Bulgarian Saints by Professor Kiril Petkov is expected in 2015.

2) Papers of the American Research Center in Sofia consists of edited volumes springing from research conducted by the Center's Staff and invited scholars. The first volume, published in October 2014, contains twelve papers presented at an ARCS conference, "Communications and Commerce in the Balkans from Alexander the Great to Alexander Battenberg", in October 2012. The second volume, published in February 2015, contains select papers presented at a conference "Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic Polis to Roman Civitas (4th c. BC-6th c. AD)", organized by the American Research Center in Sofia, in collaboration with the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum and the Museum of History in Petrich, on September 19-21, 2013. The third volume, to be published in 2016, is based upon the ARCS international conference, organized in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum in Sandanski on September 17-20, 2015, "Sandanski and its Territory during Prehistory, Antiquity and Middle Ages: Current Trends in Archaeological Research". 

3) Book subsidies. ARCS will contribute toward the publication of books whose author/editor chooses an independent publisher. Under this category of support, the Center sponsored the publication in March 2013 of a Bulgarian translation of 14 essays from The Pen and the Sword, a collection of papers by James Clarke (edited by Dennis Hupchick), published by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Press. An English translation of Hristo Hristov’s award-winning book Kill the Wanderer, which re-examines the evidence and reveals new facts concerning the murder of the Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, was published in Sept. 2013 by Gutenberg Press. On the horizon is a collection of documents pertaining to the little-known Plan to detach Bulgaria from the Axis during WWII.