The Danube Limes in Northeastern Bulgaria

The present project combines different aspects of the museum activity, which aim at the transformation of information into knowledge. The formation of the information-system and the transformation of the Danube Limes from a concept inside the heads of the scientists into real sites for visit is an undisputable step towards the spread of knowledge and values, which are reflecting not only to the local identity, but also to the opportunity for local development. The education module of the project will create a possibility for discovering through practical training; a guide-catalogue will be produced, containing archaeological artifacts, which are to be discovered and reconstructed. There will be a visit to a real archaeological field and an issue of certificates for the training.

The project aims at implementing exhibition activities for socialization on sites of the Danube Limes, conservation of artifacts of the Antiquity necropolis of Tegra (the town of Marten, Municipality of Rousse), the implementation of an education module as part of the program for museum education, the publication of a guide, which in their entity are to contribute for the presentation of heritage as a resource for local development.The project will contribute for the formation of a significant interest towards the history of Danube Bulgaria, it will assist the comprehension of the common European history since Roman times, it will reveal unknown sides of the explorers’ work.

Project proposal Pi: 
Regional Historical Museum – Ruse, Bulgaria