Pistiros Exposition Hall – Presentation and Socialization of Cultural Artifacts

Finds such as Greek imported pottery, graffiti, and inscriptions are evidence of trade relationships and a cultural influence between Greeks and Thracians. Over 10,000 cultural artifacts are kept in the museum at Septemvri, and most of them could become part of the exposition in the museum. However, owing to financial difficulties, the Septemvri municipality cannot provide independent funding for facilities for an exposition hall. The goals of this project are to: make repairs to the hall; design a layout for the museum exposition; publish a catalogue of the exposition; exhibit unique cultural artifacts from the museum for the public; promote the development of cultural tourism in the Septemvri Municipality; improve the managerial capacity of the museum staff;  popularize and advertize the archeological site of Emporion Pistiros.

Project proposal Pi: 
Archaeological Museum—Septemvri, Bulgaria