Museum for Kids and Grown-ups

The Varna Educational Museum was established in 1986, and it is the first Bulgarian museum with its own specialized exhibit for children. The museum is accommodated in the ground floor chambers of the Archaeological Museum in Varna. The goal of the archaeologists at the museum was to assemble an appealing and accessible exhibit for children that would increase the schoolchildren's interest in history and archaeology. Their aspirations resulted in the creation of unique space where both older and younger visitors could have direct and immediate access to the museum components. The goals of this project are to: еxpand and elaborate upon the existing museum programs and establish new programs, including “Archaeology – A History World under the Ground,” “The Children of Roman Odessos,” and “The Antique Mosaic Works of Odessos”; diversify the topical subject matters, forms, methods, and educational functions of the museum; optimize the accessibility and functionality of the museum exhibit; convert the Educational Museum into an attractive place for meetings, creative intercourse and artistic manifestations of schoolchildren and students, and inform both young and grown-up visitors about the importance of acquiring historical and archaeological knowledge.

Project proposal Pi: 
Regional Historical Museum – Varna, Bulgaria