Conservation, Restoration and Exhibition of Stone Architectural Elements and Pieces of Inventory of the Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods in the Greek Colony Dionysopolis

This is the only temple from the pre-Roman period in Bulgaria that has a completely preserved ground plan. Twenty-seven Greek and Latin inscriptions discovered inside allow the temple to be identified securely. The temple offers new opportunities to study ancient religion, architecture, and art, as well as the social and economic life of the region over the course of seven centuries. The goals of this project are to: preserve, restore and exhibit architectural elements and pieces of temple inventory – 38 artifacts in total – that will be displayed in a separate hall in the Balchik History Museum; repaint the walls and ceilings of the hall, and install new lighting and air conditioning systems in the exhibition halls where the artifacts will be displayed; design a new permanent exhibition for the museum, with an emphasis on the temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods; photograph and describe the artifacts that have been conserved and restored, and publish them in a popular book.

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Museum of History - Balchik, Bulgaria