Revivification of the Ancient Durostorum in the Archaeological Мuseum – Silistra

The archaeological museum in Silistra preserves valuable exhibits and collections mainly from the National Archaeological Reserve “Durostorum-Drustar-Silistra”. Among the most significant exhibits of the museum is the Roman chariot, which is one of the accent of this project. It is compounded of more than 300 bronze, iron, silver and golden elements. The other accent is the Roman and Byzantine fortress Durostorum-Dorostol-Drustar which is built by emperor Constantine the Great at the beginning of 4th century and functioned without a break up until the Ottoman empire. In 1810 the fortress was destroyed. The goals of this project are to: create a 1:150 scale model of the Late Antiquity fortress at Durostorum, including all the revealed stationary monuments (e.g., temples, residencies, baths, and churches); exhibit the model in a special hall in the Archaeological Museum – Silistra, which needs selected repairs; construct a video wall and projection installation in the hall for the presentation of films and digital reconstructions of daily life in Durostorum and the monuments of the city and region; compile a small album or guidebook in Bulgarian and English about the history of the fortress, in order to popularize the site.

Project proposal Pi: 
Regional Historical Museum – Silistra, Bulgaria