CONFERENCE: Bridging the Danube, April 11-12, 2014

Bridging the Danube. Roman occupation and interaction

along the Middle Danube Valley, 1st-5th c. AD


 April 11-12, 2014


Conference Organizers:

Doina Benea (CSIATim)

Eric C. De Sena (ARCS)

Călin Timoc (UVT)

Lorena Vlad (Arheovest)


The Danube River – mighty, captivating, intimidating, romantic – has been in ancient times a political barrier. But also, the river has served to unite people and places up and down its course as well as across for ten millennia.

Closer to our era, the Romans established military bases and cities along the course of the Danube, beginning in the reign of Augustus. And while the Romans generally inhabited the southern bank of the river, Trajan brought his empire to the northern side with his conquest of Dacia, thanks, in part, to the construction of his famous bridge. Cities such as Singidunum, Lederata, Viminacium, Dierna, Drobeta, Oescus, and Novae flourished for centuries as raw materials and merchandise was transported from the hinterlands of Pannonia, Dacia, Moesia and Thrace, to the Danube and from the Mediterranean to the frontier zone of the Empire.

The conference, Bridging the Danube. Roman Occupation and Interaction along the Middle Danube Valley, 1st-5th c. AD, intends to be a venue for a wide range of topics from military, administrative and economic matters to architectural and sociological issues. The conference will take place April 11-12, 2014 at West University of Timişoara, Romania.