ARCS Fellows Final reports, April 22-23 at 13:00


ARCS Fellows will present their final reports in two day sessions - April 22 and 23, beginning at 13:00 each day.


Reports on April 22:

  • Maria-Alina Asavei, Cultures of Resistance in the Balkans: Folk Art and Visual Politics
  • Anna Adashinskaya, Serbian and Bulgarian Medieval Ktetorship (13th -14th Centuries): two ways of adapting the Byzantine model, 9 month fellowship
  • Boriana Antonova, Modernization of the communication infrastructure in Ottoman Bulgaria: Persons and Personalities
  • Dimitrina Popova, Graphic Scheme Maps in Scale 1:50,000 of three Roman Cities and their Hinterland, 2nd c. AD: Serdika, Philipoplis and Augusta Traiana
  • Duncan Ranslem, East of EDEN: Bulgarian Tourism and European Integration


Reports on April 23:

  • James Adam Rodriguez, Bilateral Icons in Byzantium
  • Martin Marinos, Post-Communist media and civil society in Bulgaria
  • Secil Uluisik, Overlapping Networks and Non-Muslim Local Power Holders in the Ottoman Empire: The case of the Chorbadjis
  • Tera Lee Hedrick, The Power of Objects: Ars Sacra and the negotiation of the sacred in Late Byzantium