Lapidarium and Kids' Zone at the Museum of History Iskra

This project does not aim merely to restore the previous Lapidarium exhibition, which was rather unfriendly to both people and stones. Instead, the applicants envisage a completely new concept that corresponds to the Museum’s mission to protect the monuments, and promote awareness and understanding of the past. The new Lapidarium will be a closed space, safely housing an exhibition that offers an enjoyable and educational experience to its visitors, including people with disabilities. The Lapidarium Hall will display 80 stone artefacts, all of which will be conserved before exhibition. Half of these objects have never been treated for conservation. The most endangered are the monuments that spent over 30 years in the Museum’s basement yard, exposed to humidity and temperature fluctuations. The Lapidarium Hall will provide dry and air-conditioned environment, which will increase the endurance of the conservation measures taken as a part of this project.

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Museum of History Iskra, Kazanlak