The Procession of Dionysos, a masterpiece of ancient mosaic art

During rescue archaeological excavations in 2009 and 2011 a team of archaeologists based at the Regional Museum of History, Stara Zagora discovered a large building from Classical Antiquity in the northern part of the city (38 Irechek Str.) Its floor was covered with a multicolored mosaic. The mosaic dates back to the second half of the 3rd century AD. After being removed from their archaeological context, the mosaic fragments were mounted on temporary foundations and are currently located at the depository of the Regional Museum of History, Stara Zagora. The activities, envisaged under the project, restoration, conservation, and display of the mosaic, discovered in Stara Zagora, will contribute to enhancing the interest of the residents of Stara Zagora in the town’s past and the history of the mosaic production in the Antiquity.

Project proposal Pi: 
Regional History Museum at Stara Zagora