Donors and Sponsors of ARCS


The principal sponsors of ARCS  are:

  • ARCB, Inc. The American Research Center in Bulgaria, Inc. (ARCB) is a 501(c)(3) nonstock corporation, registered in Virginia in February 2015. It facilitates research in the humanities and social sciences in Bulgaria and academic cooperation between scholars from North America and Southeast Europe. ARCB raises funds for the ARCS Foundation by providing grants that support program and operations expenses.
  • ARCS Inc.  In November 2004, Kevin Clinton registered a non-for-profit corporation in New York State, whose primary purpose has been to serve as representative and sponsor of Foundation "American Research Center in Sofia" in the United States. ARCS Inc. has raised significant donations in support of the Foundation's mission and long-term sustainability, including a successful NEH Challenge Grnat, see below. ARCS Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) corporation. According to Article 1 of its Bylaws, “The American Research Center in Sofia, Inc. (hereafter ARCS, Inc.) is a non-profit institution, incorporated in New York State, dedicated to facilitating academic research in the humanities and social sciences in Bulgaria and collaboration between scholars from North America and Southeast Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia).  ARCS, Inc. accomplished this purpose by financially supporting a non-profit foundation registered in Bulgaria as American Research Center—Sofia (ФОНДАЦИЯ АМЕРИКАНСКИ НАУЧЕН ЦЕНТЪР—СОФИЯ”).
  • Packard Humanities Institute The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to archaeology, music, film preservation, historic conservation, and early education. PHI is located in Los Altos, California.
  • America for Bulgaria Foundation The America for Bulgaria Foundation assists in growing and strengthening a vibrant market economy and democratic society in Bulgaria, helping the country to realize its full potential as a successful, modern European nation. Founded in 2008, the ABF is a successor to the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund, an investment fund created by the U.S. government acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development. The grants provided by ABF build on the legacy of goodwill and friendship that exists between the American people and the citizens of Bulgaria.
  • Tianaderrah Foundation supports educational and cultural activities in Bulgaria and promotes the cultural patrimony of Bulgaria.


ARCS recognizes with gratitude many individuals who have made generous financial donations and pledges in support of the Center.

BENEFACTORS ($25,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • Kevin Clinton and Nora Dimitrova
  • Robert and Nellie Gipson

PATRONS ($5000+)

  • Ed Cohen
  • Eric De Sena
  • Bogomil Gerganov
  • Elvin Guri

SPONSORS ($1000+)

  • Anonymous donors from San Francisco, CA
  • Elizabeth Gebhard
  • Denver and Tanya Graninger
  • James W. and Kathy Pardew
  • Mick and Irene Schubert
  • Caroline Snively
  • Sharon Stocker and Jack Davis
  • Alexander Zagoreos


  • Anonymous Serbian donor
  • The Gallatin School, NYU
  • Glenn Bugh
  • Lenko Lenkov
  • Michael Maas
  • Rachel and Todor Petev
  • Lynn Roller
  • Gligor Tashkovich
  • Ventsislav Tsachev

FRIENDS (up to $500)

  • Willard Bunn III
  • Peter Delev
  • Irina Doneff
  • John Duffy
  • Valentin Georgiev
  • Svetlana Ivanova
  • Evelina Kelbecheva
  • Katya and Jaroslaw Lewandowski
  • Ivaylo Lozanov
  • Katia and Hayward Melville
  • Ken and Yoko Moskowitz
  • Matthew Palumbo
  • Pietro Pucci
  • Michael Putnam
  • George Sidjimkov
  • Diana Stewart
  • Robert and Nancy Stocker
  • Stephen Tracy and June Allison

ARCS is grateful to all foundations and institutions which made generous financial donations.

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
  • America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • American Foundation for Bulgaria
  • American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  • Arete Foundation, PA
  • The Council of American Overseas Research Centers, Washington, D.C.
  • The Getty Foundation, CA
  • Haemimont Foundation, NY
  • IREX, D.C.
  • The Konrad Adenauer Foundation
  • Samuel H. Kress Foundation
  • Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, D.C.
  • The Packard Humanities Institute, CA
  • Luther I. Replogle Foundation
  • Tianaderrah Foundation, NY

NEH Challenge Grant

In 2009, ARCS was awarded a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in the sum of up to $750,000. Between 2010 and 2015, ARCS raised $443,774 of federal matching funds. The funds provide an endowment for the Foundation's staff salaries and the development of its research library, and some measure of stability for the institution as it continues to pursue its mission during these times of global economic uncertainty.