ARCS Alumni

  • Summer Session

    Kristina Bradley, 2006, Department of Classical Studies, DePauw University

    Stevan Gajic, 2006, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade 

    Eric Gauf, 2006, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta 

    Matthew Yokell, 2006, Classical Studies, Vanderbilt University 

    Valeriya Kozlovskaya, 2006, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr, College

    Allyson Blomeley, 2006, Department of Classics, University of North Carolina in Asheville 

    Ciprian Alionescu, 2006, Diplomatic Academy Vienna

    Greta Nedjialkova, 2006, Independent Scholar

    Tracey Rockett, 2006, Department of Classical Studies, University of Texas at Austin

    Marc Carper, 2006, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Alaska-Anchorage

    Jason A. Reuscher, 2006, Department of History, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

    ARCS Pre-doctoral Fellows

    Vessela Anguelova, 2007-08, Pennsylvania State University, “Place as Spiritual Experience in Middle and Late Byzantine Art, Ninth to Eighteenth Centuries”

    Eran Livni, 2007-08, Indiana University, “Democracy without Civil Society? Chalga Music and the Ambivalent Accession of Bulgaria to the European Union”

    Douglas Post Park, 2007-08, Yale University, “Balkan Archaeology and Pan-Balkan Discourse”

    Jennifer Raines, 2007-08, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Roman Heritage in Eastern Europe”

    Aneliya Dimitrova, 2008-09, Indiana University, “Social and Cultural Perspectives on the Reconstruction of Tsarevets, Veliko Tarnovo”

    Yuliana Gencheva, 2008-09, Indiana University, “The International Children’s Assembly ‘Banner of Peace’: Performing Childhood in Socialist Bulgaria”

    Adela Sobotkova, 2008-09, University of Michigan, “Archaeological Survey in the Tundzha Valley”

    Nicholas Grossenbacher, 2009-10, University of Washington, “Non-Greek Christian Communities on the Periphery of the Byzantine Empire”

    Shannon Martino, 2009-10, University of Pennsylvania, “Clarifying the Eneolithic-Early Bronze Age Transition Around the Southwestern Black Sea Through Clay Figurines”

    Jeremy Ott, 2009-10 and 2010-11, New York University, Project 1: “Late Antique and Early Medieval Mortuary Space in the Balkans”; Project 2: “Tomb Decoration in Late Antique Thessaloniki and Sofia”

    Lilia Topouzova, 2010-11, University of Toronto, “The Bulgarian ‘Gulag’: The Bulgarian Forced-Labor Camp System, 1944-1962”

    Tara Yin, 2010-11, York University, “Peter Deunov and the Theory and Practice of Paneurythmy”

    Mehmet Celik, 2011-12, University of Texas at Austin, “Ottoman Reform and Urban Change: Muslims and Christians in Danubian Ruse, 1839-1878”

    John Gorczyk, 2011-12, Cornell University, “Faunal remains in Neolithic Bulgaria”

    Veneta Ivanova, 2011-12, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Unity, Creativity, Beauty: Culture, Nationalism, and Occult Communism in Late Socialist Bulgaria”

    Giuseppe Ricci, 2011-12, Princeton University, “Nomads in Late Antiquity: The Development of an East Roman-Pontic Steppe Symbiosis, Attila to Asparuch”

    Natalia Rusnac, 2011-12, University of California, Los Angeles, “Patriarchate in Constantinople prior to 1453”

    Whitney Snead, 2011-12, University of Cincinnati, “Bosporan Kingdom or early Greek colonies around the Black Sea”

    Emily Spratt, 2011-12, Princeton University, “The Legacy of Byzantium in Bulgaria: Post-Byzantine Painting and Community Identity in the Ottoman Period”

    Mariana Vukovic, 2011-12, Central European University, Budapest, “Remembering the Saint: Irenaeus of Sirmium in Medieval Hagiographies and Beyond”

    Kathleen Weigand, 2011-12, University of Dublin, Trinity College, “Irish and Bulgarian Artists from the early 20th century”

    Andriy Fomin, 2012-13, Rutgers University, “A historiographic analysis of the Roman historian Cassius Dio”

    Cengiz Haksoz, 2012-13, University of Pittsburgh, “The Pomaks across the Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish Borders”

    Max Holleran, 2012-13, New York University, “On the Coast: Tourism and Urbanization in post-Socialist Bulgaria”

    Roy Kimmey, 2012-13, Central European University, Budapest, “Symphonic Secularism: a study of Bulgarian society, church and state under Communism”

    Stefan Peychev, 2012-13, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Public baths and Urban Space: the case of Ottoman Serdica”

    Adrian Popan, 2012-13, University of Texas, Austin, “Cults of personality of State leaders: causes and structural conditions in Totalitarian societies”

    Elena Popan, 2012-13, University of Texas, Austin, “Stereotypes attached to minority groups in post-Communist societies”

    Elana Resnick, 2012-13, University of Michigan, “Old objects, fragile life: waste and escape in Bulgaria”

    Nadezhda Savova, 2012-13, Princeton University, “Food and cultural tourism in Bulgaria’s tangible places of intangible heritage”

    Caroline Wisler, 2012-13, University of Illinois, Urbana, “Approaches to Cultural Heritage Management in Post-Conflict Balkan Nations”

    Anna Adashinskaya, 2013-14, Central European University, “Serbian and Bulgarian Medieval Ktetorship (13th -14th Centuries): two ways of adapting the Byzantine model”

    Tera Lee Hedrick, 2013-14, Northwestern University, “The Power of Objects: Ars Sacra and the negotiation of the sacred in Late Byzantium”

    Miloš Jovanović, 2013-14, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, “Ordering urban life in Belgrade and Sofia during the long 19th century”

    Cynthia Ann Lintz, 2013-14, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, “The negotiation of ‘self’ and ‘other’ along the Bulgarian-Macedonian border” 

    Martin Marinos, 2013-14, University of Pittsburgh, “Post-Communist media and civil society in Bulgaria”

    Angela Rodel, 2013-14, UCLA, “The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices: the history and development of Bulgarian folk singing”

    James Adam Rodriguez, 2013-14, Yale University, “Bilateral Icons in Byzantium”

    Secil Uluisik, 2013-14, University of Arizona, “Merchant networks and Chorbacis in Plovdiv during the Tanzimat: the case of the Gumushgerdan family”

    Duncan Ranslem, 2013-14, University of Chicago, “East of EDEN: Bulgarian Tourism and European Integration” (joint ARCS/Fulbright Fellow)

    Francesco La Rocca, 2014-15, “Central European University, Bards, Faith and Power: How National Epics, Religions and Nation-Building Process Joined in Interwar Yugoslavia and Albania”

    Dragos Nastasoiu, 2014-15, Central European University, “Between East and West: The Iconography of Donors in Orthodox Mural Painting of Southern Transylvania during the Fifteenth Century”

    Victor Petrov, 2014-15, Columbia University, “Modernity in a National Key: Bulgarian Socialist Modernization at Home and Abroad 1967-1989”

    Mark Reed, 2014-15, University of Edinburgh, “The Role of the Urbes Thraciae, from Diocletian to Maurice (284 – 602)”

    Mikhail Rekun, 2014-15, Northeastern University, “Empire Unguided: Public Opinion and Imperial Foreign Policy in Balkans, 1876-1886”

    Eli Weaverdyck, 2014-15, University of California - Berkeley, “Isolation or Integration? A spatial-analytic approach to the local impact of the Roman army on the northern frontier” 

    Vladimir Troyanski, 2014-15, Stanford University, “Integration and Resistance: North Caucasus Refugees in the Ottoman Balkans, 1860-1878”

    Christopher Mielke, 2015-16, Central European University, “Material Culture and Contacts Between Medieval Hungary and Bulgaria”

    Moysés Marcos, 2015-16, University of California, Riverside, “Julian and Themistius: Philosophy, Kingship, and Tolerance in the
    Fourth Century Roman Empire”

    Agata Chmiel, 2016-2017University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, “The Geography of Conversion: Religious Changes in the Ottoman Balkans”

    Stanimir Panayotov, 2016-2017, Central European University, “Disembodiment in Neoplatonism and New Realism”

    John Gorczyk, 2016-2017, Cornell University, “Beastly spaces: humans, animals, and the creation of place in Neolithic Bulgaria”

    Jelena Radovanović, 2016-2017Princeton University, “Urban Transformation and Migration in 19th-Century Niš”

    Ashlee Hart, 2017-2018, University at Buffalo, State University of New York/ Department of Anthropology/ PhD, Convening Cultures in Ancient Thrace: “An Evaluation of Greek Interaction on Technological Choice within Indigenous Thracian Ceramics from Late Iron Age Western Bulgaria”

    Filip Lyapov, Spring 2018, Central European University / Department of History / PhD in Comparative History, “The Crown’s Thorns: The Royal Dictatorships of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria and King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and the Military in the Interwar Period”

    Peter Wright,Spring 2018, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, “The Business of Solidarity: Balkan Socialisms and Developmental Assistance in the ‘Third World,’ 1953-1991”

    ARCS Post-doctoral Fellows from American Universities

    Prof. Cris Scarboro, 2014, King’s College, “Middle Class Socialism and the Revenge of the More”

    Prof. Pavel Murdzhev, 2015, Santa Fe College, “The Plow in Byzantine Agriculture: Institutional Failure or Economic Sagacity?”

    ARCS Residential Fellowship for SE European scholars

    Boriana Antonova, Spring 2014, Sofia University, “Modernization of the communication infrastructure in Ottoman Bulgaria: Persons and Personalities”

    Maria-Alina Asavei, Spring 2014, Central European University, “Cultures of Resistance in the Balkans: Folk Art and Visual Politics”

    Dimitrina Popova, Spring 2014, Institute of Art Studies – BAS, Graphic Scheme Maps in Scale 1:50,000 of three Roman Cities and their Hinterland, 2nd c. AD: Serdika, Philipoplis and Augusta Traiana 

    Dr. Petar Todorov, Spring 2014, Institute for National History – Skopje, “Governing the late Ottoman City: a Comparative Study of Elites in Skopje and Sofia (end of the 18th century – 1869)”

    Konstantin Golev, Fall 2014, Sofia University, “Echoes of the War: Oral History from Bulgarian WWII Veterans”

    Manuela Marin, Fall 2014, West University of Timisoara, “Islam in Communist Romania and Bulgaria. A Comparative Perspective”

    Ivalina Masheva, Fall 2014, Sofia University, “From Islamic to Western Commercial Law. Changing Legal Environment and Christian Merchants in Ottoman Bulgaria (1840s-1870s)”

    Atanaska Stancheva, Fall 2014, Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Studies, BAS, “Ecological Movements in Post-socialist Bulgaria. Cultural Practices and Civil Activity”

    Gergana Georgieva, Sring 2015, University of Veliko Tarnovo, “Social and Economic Profile of a Balkan Region in the Middle of the 19th Century”

    Ioana Crețulescu, Spring 2015, Independent Researcher, “The Roman Painted Tomb on the Lower Danube. Crossover from Paganism to Christianity in Funerary Symbolism”

    Ivan Hristov, Fall 2015, Institute for Literature – BAS, “The Concept of Time and Identity in the Bulgarian Literary Modernism”

    Zlatina Bogdanova, Fall 2015, Inst. Ethnology and Folklore Studies – BAS, “Cultural Heritage Management in Local Strategies of Cultural and Religious Tourism”

    Valentina Nedelcheva, Fall 2015, Sofia University, “Migration and Identity Dynamics – The ‘New-Old’ Bulgarians”

    Adriana Panaite, Spring 2016, Institute of Archaeology “Vasile Parvan,” Bucuresht, “The Villa Landscape in Moesia Inferior”

    Georgi Burnaski, Spring 2016, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Transformational Processes among the Local Elite of the Bulgarian Turks (1980 – 2000): Trends and Comparisons”

    Giannakis Smilanis, Fall 2016, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens (Greece), “A ‘Shared Tradition’: The Case of Bulgaria and FYROM”

    Iskra Dobreva, Fall 2016, Sofia University, “Judeo-Spanish Texts in the Cyrillic Script from the Bulgarian Central State Archive”

    Lora Nenkovska, Fall 2016, National Museum of History, “Representations of the Diabolical in Post-Byzantine Art during 17th-19th centuries”

    Hristijan Talevski, Fall 2016, “The impact of the defensive system development on the early Byzantine settlement distribution and their internal architectural and infrastructuralorganization – A comparative analysis”

    Andrea-Roxana Iancu, Spring 2017, Independent Researcher, “The negotiation of the inheritance rules in a multi-normativity context (North and South of Danube at the end of the 18th and the beginning of 19th century)”

    Yana Yancheva, Spring 2017, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, “Youth culture in Bulgaria in the second half of the 20th century. Introductory work”

    Ioannis Kaminis, Fall 2017, Sofia University, “The Way of Spiritual Development According to Evagrius Ponticus”

    Fabio Bego,  Fall 2018, Roma Tre University, “Bulgarian-Albanian relations and representations at the time of the Macedonian revolts of Gorna Džumaja and Ilinden: a perspective from Sofia”

    Bulgarian Scholars Program/FADS (Fellowships for Advanced Doctoral Students)

    Vladislav Ivanov (ARIT 2010), Dept. History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “The Knights Hospitaller at Rhodes as a Factor in Balkan Politics, 1300-1421”

    Alexander Manev (ARIT 2011), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “The Role of the Church in the Life of Settlements in the Dioceses of Thrace and Dacia during Late Antiquity (4th-6th c. AD)”

    Miglena Vasileva (ASCSA 2011), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “Classification of fibulae in Thrace during the Late Iron Age”

    Slava Vasileva (ASCSA 2010), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Painted pottery from Apollonia Pontica: the Kerch style vases”

    Marta Ivaylova (ASCSA 2011), Dept. Classical Studies, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Minor Prophetic Gods in the ancient Greek pantheon. Function and Development”

    Teodora Bogdanova (ASCSA 2011), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “Role and Place of Toiletries in the Greek Women’s Life in the Greek Colonies on the Western Black Sea, 6th-1st c. BC”

    Silvia Ivanova (ASCSA 2010), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Chemical composition and typology of Bronze Age copper and copper alloy artefacts from Bulgaria”

    Drago Garbov (ASCSA 2011), Dept. Archaeology, New Bulgarian University, “Settlement of the Middle Struma valley in Late Antiquity (4th - 7th c. CE)”

    Naiden Prahov (ASCSA 2010), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Reconstruction of Paleolandscape and Predictive Modeling for Localization of Submerged Archaeological Sites”

    Ivanka Slavova (ASCSA 2010), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Archaeobotanical Research for Plant Remains on the Territory of the Greek Colonies: Orgame and Messambria”

    Ivelina Masheva (ARIT 2012), Dept. Modern Bulgarian History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Bulgarian Merchants in the Ottoman Commercial Courts, 1840s - 1870s”

    Desislava Popova (ARIT 2012), Dept. Arabic and Semitic Studies, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Defining the Boundaries of Islam through Fatwas issues in the 16th - 18th century Ottoman Arab Provinces”

    Milena Raycheva (ARIT 2012), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “The Imperial Cult in the Roman Province Thrace”

    Mila Chacheva (ASCSA 2012), “National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, Personal ornaments from the Greek colonies on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 6th - 1st c. BC”

    Daniela Cherneva (ASCSA 2012), Dept. Technology of Silicates, University of Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy, “Research and Comparison of the Technological Characteristics and Decoration of the Red-Figure Polychromatic Ceramics from the 4th century BC. Comparison between Pottery from Apollonia Pontica and Attica.”

    Krastyu Chukalev (ASCSA 2012), Dept. Archaeology, New Bulgarian University, “Cave-use in Neolithic and Chalcolithic in the Territory of the Eastern Balkans”

    Aleksandar Harizanov (ASCSA 2012), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Pottery kilns in today’s Bulgarian lands, 1st-6th centuries AD”

    Vyara Kalfina (ASCSA 2012), Dept. History and Theory of Culture, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Ritual aspects of the mythological motives and historical narratives of violent death in Greek cultural context”

    Kristina Koseva (ASCSA 2012), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “Roman Glass from Bulgaria. Categories and Technology”

    Elmira Vasileva (ASCSA 2012), Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Thracology, BAS, “The Bosnian Franciscans’ Missionary Work in the Balkans (1463 - 1688)”

    Boriana Antonova (ARIT 2013), Dept. History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “From center to periphery and back: Road and communications infrastructure in Ottoman Bulgaria – historiographical approaches and problems”

    Tsvetelina Haralampieva (ARIT 2013), Dept. History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” Balance of power or policy of paradox: France, Russia and the Ottoman Empire (1787 – 1812) - joint project with Petkova

    Antoaneta Petkova (ARIT 2013),  Dept. History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Balance of power or policy of paradox: France, Russia and the Ottoman Empire (1787 – 1812) - joint project with Haralampieva”

    Aleka Strezova (ARIT 2013), Institute for Historical Studies, BAS, “Bulgarian and Turkish Diplomats (1878-1908): Social Origin and Career”

    Jeni Vasileva (ARIT 2013), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Jewelry from South Thrace during the Early Bronze Age (3250 – 1900 BC) with parallels in Greece and Eastern Mediterranean”

    Dimitar Bayrakov (ASCSA 2013), Dept. of Ancient History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Mountain Sanctuaries in southern Thrace”

    Teodora Nedyalkova (ASCSA 2013), Dept. Archaeology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Dionysos in Thrace: artifacts and cult”

    Dimitrina Popova (ASCSA 2013), Institute of Art Studies, BAS, “Roman Buiding in Hellenistic Towns, 2nd c. BC - 3rd c. AD”

    Alexey Stambolov (ASCSA 2013), Dept. Classical Philology, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Linguistic charcteristics and history of Apophthegmata Patrum according to MS Vat. Gr. 048”

    Stoyan Terziev (ASCSA 2013), Dept. History, University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “From Odogsian Kingdom to the Province of Thracia: southeastern Balkans in the period 31 BC - AD 68”

    Valentin Vasilev (ASCSA 2014), Dept. Archaeology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Early Iron Metallurgy on the Territory of the Eastern Balkans in the context of the Eastern Mediterranean”

    Yana Mutafchieva (ASCSA 2014), “National Institute of Archaeology, BAS, Bronze Vessels from Thrace, 5th-4th c. BC”

    Stella Behar (ASCSA 2014), Dept. Archaeology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Contact between Greek Colonies on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the East Mediterranean, 2nd-1st c. BC”

    Hristo Hristozov (ARIT 2014), Dept. History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “Environmental impact of population dynamics in Early Modern Mountains: a case study of the Northern Rhodope Mountains during the 16th century”

    Denitsa Krasteva (ARIT 2014), Dept. History, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” “The cult of the Muslim saint Sari Saltuk in the Ottoman empire

    Gipson Fellowships for Bulgarian Scholars”

    Chavdar Tzochev (ASCSA 2011-12), Independent scholar, “The amphora stamps from Thasos found in the Athenian Agora”

    Milena Petkova-Encheva (ARIT 2011-12), Sofia University, “Adapting/adapting to the conquered space? The influence of ecological factors on preindustrial societies to the adaptation process in a territory”

    Alexandra Trifonova (ASCSA 2011-12), Sofia University, “The workshop of Kastoria from the end of the 15th century and its artistic activity in countries of the Balkan peninsula”

    Gergana Georgieva (ARIT 2012-13), University of Veliko Turnovo, “Ottoman towns in the Balkans in the mid-nineteenth century”

    Nikolai Vukov (ARIT 2012-13), Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, BAS, “Trans-border commemorations across the Bulgarian-Turkish border after 1989: remembrance rituals and heritage reconstruction”

    Svetoslav Ribolov (ASCSA 2012-13), Sofia University, “Conception of god’s grace in the dialog between the protestant theologians and the ecumenical patriarchate during the Ottoman epoch”

    Petya Andreeva (ARIT 2013-14), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “The politics of euergetism in the Roman provinces of Moesia Inferior and Thracia. The involvement of the eastern settlers in the social, political and cultural life”

    Milena Raycheva (ARIT 2013-14), independent scholar, “The imperial cult in Bithynia and Thrace: tracing cultural parallels”

    Stefan Dimitrov (ARIT 2013-14), Institute for Historical Studies, BAS, “Demographic characteristics and economic activity of the population in the south-eastern part of the Balkans during the Ottoman period (15th – 16th century)”

    Elmira Vasileva (ARIT 2013-14), Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology, BAS, “Catholic missions in the European part of the Ottoman empire, 17th – 18th centuries”

    Georgi Dimov (ASCSA 2014-15), Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology, BAS, Thessaloniki, “Philippopolis and Adrianople in the 11th and 12th centuries: commercial topography and related infrastructure”

    Margarit Damayanov (ASCSA 2014-15), National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS, “A sanctuary of Demeter (?) in Apollonia Pontica: the site and the pottery”

    Paulina Andonova (ARIT 2014-15), Sofia University, “Voynuk or askeri? The transformation of the voynuks’ landholdings into askeri chiftliks in the context of the Ottoman socio-economic history”