Serial Subscriptions


Here is a list of all foreign and Bulgarian serials that ARCS Library has subscribed to.

Foreign Serials:

  • The American Journal of Archaeology
  • Ancient West & East
  • Balkanistica
  • Chiron
  • Classical Antiquity
  • European Review of Economic History
  • European Sociological Review
  • Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
  • Journal of Field Archaeology 
  • Journal of Hellenic Studies
  • Journal of Roman Archaeology
  • Journal of Roman Studies
  • Revue Archéologique
  • Slavic and East European Journal
  • Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik


Bulgarian Serials:

  • Archaeologia Bulgarica
  • Bulgarian Historical Review
  • Études Balkaniques                        
  • Археология
  • Архив за поселищни проучвания
  • Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика
  • Паметници, реставрация, музеи
  • Проблеми на изкуството