Visiting Scholars

ARCS welcomes Visiting Scholars (advanced undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members, or independent researchers) who seek a short- or long-term academic home in Bulgaria. All scholars receive wide-ranging logistical help and are welcome to use the Library, including multiple online resources; the Center's office spaces; copying, printing, and scanning equipment; parking spaces; and conference/lecture facilities. Administrative fee: $100 per month.

Visiting Scholars have the option of residing at ARCS or finding alternative accommodation (ARCS can help with rental arrangements). If they choose to reside at ARCS, the fee for a single room in a shared apartment is $450 per month, and $900 for an entire apartment. 

Visiting scholars should submit a project proposal (up to two double-spaced pages) describing their research goals. The proposal, together with a CV, should be sent electronically to  

As this is not a Fellowship, we accept such applications on a rolling basis. 

All fees are payable to ARCS's partner institution in the U.S., the American Research Center in Bulgaria, Inc.