Visiting Scholars

ARCS welcomes Visiting Scholars (advanced graduate students, faculty members, or independent researchers) who seek a short- or long-term academic home in Bulgaria. The program is primarily intended for scholars currently affiliated with an American institution of higher education or independent scholars in the USA. All scholars receive wide-ranging logistical help and are welcome to use the Library, including multiple online resources; the Center's office spaces; copying, printing, and scanning equipment; parking spaces; and conference/lecture facilities.

In accordance with the mission of ARCS, the Visiting Scholar Program is open to candidates whose research focuses on any aspect of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Bulgaria and the six other countries we serve from antiquity to the present day. In addition to conducting her/his research based at ARCS, the Visiting Scholar will contribute to the academic program of ARCS by presenting a small number of lectures or seminars or organizing a regional workshop/conference. The ARCS Residential Research provides 24/7 access to the ARCS Library, access to ARCS resources and expertise.



For further information and the application procedure click here. As this is not a Fellowship, we accept such applications on a rolling basis.